By Paul Rockett, Mark Ruffle

You could count number numbers throughout you, from the 8 legs on a spider to the single nostril in your face. yet are you able to count number the celebs within the sky? discover house from galaxies and stars to the planets in our sunlight method, together with Earth and the Moon.

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X6 4,6 61 x 55 ,674 /…i >À̅½Ã œÀLˆÌ >ÀœÕ˜` ̅i -՘ ˆÃ iˆ«ÌˆV> >˜` Ü ̅i `ˆÃÌ>˜Vi LiÌÜii˜ ̅i >À̅ >˜` -՘ varies throughout the year. Nearest point to Sun Distance 147,166,462 km October September Novemb ovember August ugust œÀ̅iÀ˜ i“ˆÃ«…iÀi\ Autumn -œÕ̅iÀ˜ i“ˆÃ«…iÀi\ spring Decem cember œÀ̅iÀ˜ i“ˆÃ«…iÀi\ summer -œÕ̅iÀ˜ i“ˆÃ«…iÀi\ winter July uly sun œÀ̅iÀ˜ i“ˆÃ«…iÀi\ winter -œÕ̅iÀ˜ i“ˆÃ«…iÀi\ summer Januar nuary œÀ̅iÀ˜ i“ˆÃ«…iÀi\ spring -œÕ̅iÀ˜ i“ˆÃ«…iÀi\ autumn February ebruary >À̅iÃÌ «œˆ˜Ì vÀœ“ -՘ Distance 152,171,522 km Jun June May March April FOUR SEASONS /…i V…>˜}i ˆ˜ Ìi“«iÀ>ÌÕÀi >˜` Ã՘ˆ}…Ì ̅>Ì i>V… Ãi>ܘ iÝ«iÀˆi˜Vià ˆÃ V>ÕÃi` LÞ Ì…i ̈Ì on the Earth’s axis as it rotates and travels along its orbit around the Sun.

7…i˜ ̅i œÀ̅iÀ˜ i“ˆÃ«…iÀi ˆÃ ̈Ìi` >Ü>Þ vÀœ“ ̅i -՘] ˆÌ ˆÃ ܈˜ÌiÀ ˆ˜ ̅ˆÃ …i“ˆÃ«…iÀi >˜` ÃՓ“iÀ ˆ˜ ̅i -œÕ̅iÀ˜ i“ˆÃ«…iÀi° -œ ܅ˆi ̅i œÀ̅iÀ˜ i“ˆÃ«…iÀi ˆÃ …>ۈ˜} ÃՓ“iÀ] >ÕÌՓ˜] ܈˜ÌiÀ >˜` ëÀˆ˜}] ̅i -œÕ̅iÀ˜ i“ˆÃ«…iÀi ˆÃ …>ۈ˜} ̅i œ««œÃˆÌi\ ܈˜ÌiÀ] ëÀˆ˜}] ÃՓ“iÀ >˜` >ÕÌՓ˜° 29 further infoRMATION Books Know It All: Space by Andrew Langley (Franklin Watts, 2013) The Real Scientist: Space! : Why Are Black Holes Black? html Note to parents and teachers: ÛiÀÞ ivvœÀÌ …>à Lii˜ “>`i LÞ Ì…i «ÕLˆÃ…iÀ ̜ i˜ÃÕÀi ̅>Ì Ì…iÃi ÜiLÈÌià Vœ˜Ì>ˆ˜ ˜œ ˆ˜>««Àœ«Àˆ>Ìi œÀ œvvi˜ÃˆÛi “>ÌiÀˆ>° œÜiÛiÀ] LiV>ÕÃi œv ̅i ˜>ÌÕÀi œv ̅i ˜ÌiÀ˜iÌ] ˆÌ ˆÃ ˆ“«œÃÈLi ̜ }Õ>À>˜Ìii ̅>Ì Ì…i Vœ˜Ìi˜Ì œv ̅iÃi ÈÌià ܈ ˜œÌ Li >ÌiÀi`° 7i ÃÌÀœ˜}Þ advise that Internet access is supervised by a responsible adult.

I am 3 I am 15 Born 29 February Born 28 February ˜ ܓi VœÕ˜ÌÀˆià ˆÌ Ü>à > ÌÀ>`ˆÌˆœ˜ ̅>Ì Üœ“i˜ VœÕ` œ˜Þ «Àœ«œÃi ̜ “i˜ œ˜ > leap day. February. Orbiting speeds /…i ˆŽÞ 7>Þ] ̅i -œ>À -ÞÃÌi“ >˜` ̅i >À̅ all travel at different speeds. 65 km/h EARTH travels 940 million km during one orbit /œ ÌÀ>Ûi ̅i Ã>“i `ˆÃÌ>˜Vi ̅>Ì Ì…i >À̅ VœÛiÀà ˆ˜ œ˜i œÀLˆÌ] ÞœÕ ÜœÕ` …>Ûi ̜ Ü>Ž the distance between Scotland and nd Australia 64,661 times, or New York, USA, to Australia 56,674 times. x6 4,6 61 x 55 ,674 /…i >À̅½Ã œÀLˆÌ >ÀœÕ˜` ̅i -՘ ˆÃ iˆ«ÌˆV> >˜` Ü ̅i `ˆÃÌ>˜Vi LiÌÜii˜ ̅i >À̅ >˜` -՘ varies throughout the year.

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