By Hans Walser

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The ninety nine issues of intersection offered the following have been accrued in the course of a year-long look for impressive concurrence of traces. for every instance we discover compelling facts for the occasionally startling proven fact that in a geometrical determine 3 directly traces, or occasionally circles, go through one and an analogous aspect. after all, we're conversant in a few examples of this from easy straightforward geometry - the intersection of medians, altitudes, attitude bisectors, and perpendicular bisectors of aspects of a triangle. right here there are various extra examples - a few for figures except triangles, a few the place much more than 3 immediately strains go through a standard point.The major a part of the e-book provides ninety nine issues of intersection only visually. they're constructed in a series of figures, many with no caption or verbal observation. furthermore the publication includes common techniques on and examples of the issues of intersection, in addition to a few regular equipment of proving their lifestyles. a number of the examples proven within the ebook have been encouraged via questions and recommendations made by way of scholars and high-school academics. numerous of these examples haven't just a geometrical, but additionally an interesting aesthetic, aspect.The e-book addresses high-school scholars and scholars on the undergraduate point in addition to their academics, yet will entice an individual drawn to geometry

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That is, µ0 is the independent product of µ1 and µ2 . This trivial coupling has already a nontrivial application. Let µk = µ on R, k = 1, 2. 1) 18 2 Optimal Markovian Couplings where M is the set of bounded monotone functions on R. Here is a one-line proof based on the independent coupling: µ ˜0 (dx, dy)[f (x) − f (y)][g(x) − g(y)] 0, f, g ∈ M . Y. Wang (1993a). However, a criterion is still unknown for Markov chains. 3. processes? What is the criterion of FKG inequality for Markov jump We will explain the meaning of the problem carefully at the end of this section and explain the term “Markov jump processes” soon.

Some constructions of optimal Markovian couplings for Markov chains and diffusions are presented, which are often unexpected. 4. Furthermore, some typical applications of the methods are illustrated through simple examples. 1 Couplings and Markovian couplings Let us recall the simple definition of couplings. 1. Let µk be a probability on a measurable space (Ek , Ek ), k = 1, 2. A probability measure µ on the product measurable space (E1 × E2 , E1 × E2 ) is called a coupling of µ1 and µ2 if the following marginality condition holds: µ ˜ (A1 × E2 ) = µ1 (A1 ), A1 ∈ E1 , µ ˜ (E1 × A2 ) = µ2 (A2 ), A2 ∈ E2 .

Otherwise, the conclusion is trivial. 6, we have Ex,y γ(Xt , Yt ) γ(x, y)e−αt , t 0. 4 Applications of coupling methods 35 Next, by condition (1) and the definition of g, t g(Xt ) − t Lg(Xs )ds = g(Xt ) + λ 0 g(Xs )ds 0 is a Px -martingale with respect to the natural flow of σ-algebras {Ft }t particular, 0. In t g(x) = Ex g(Xt ) + λ g(Xs )ds . 0 Because of the coupling property, t t g(Xs )ds = Ex,y g(Xt ) + λ Ex g(Xt ) + λ 0 g(Xs )ds . 0 Thus, we obtain t g(x) − g(y) = Ex,y g(Xt ) − g(Yt ) + λ [g(Xs ) − g(Ys )]ds .

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