By Arthur C. Clarke

ISBN-10: 0575073179

ISBN-13: 9780575073173

Time is working out for the passengers and workforce of the vacationer cruiser Selene, incarcerated in a sea of choking lunar dirt. at the floor, her rescuers locate their assets stretched to the restrict via the mercilessly unpredictable stipulations of a unconditionally alien atmosphere. A brilliantly imagined tale of human ingenuity and survival, A FALL OF MOONDUST is a tour-de-force of mental suspense and sustained dramatic rigidity via the field's ideal writer.

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As the cruiser raced toward them, they seemed to climb slowly up the sky, as if lifted upon some gigantic elevator. “The Mountains of Inaccessibility,” announced Miss Wilkins. “So called because they’re entirely surrounded by the Sea. ” She did not labor this, since it was an unfortunate fact that the majority of lunar peaks were a severe disappointment. The huge craters which looked so impressive on photographs taken from Earth turned out upon close inspection to be gently rolling hills, their relief grossly exaggerated by the shadows they cast at dawn and sunset.

We’ve been caught in a landslip-a moonquake, if you like. There’s certainly no need to be alarmed; even if we can’t get out under our own power, Port Roris will soon have someone here. ” That seemed to have gone over quite well. With a silent sigh of relief, he turned back to the controls. As he did so, he noticed one of the passengers light a cigarette. It was an automatic reaction, and one that he felt very much like sharing. He said nothing; that would have destroyed the atmosphere his little speech had created.

I’m afraid it won’t work. True, the air inside the hull must make us very buoyant, but the resistance of this dust is enormous. ” The Englishman, it seemed, was not easily discouraged. “I noticed that there was a space suit in the air lock. Could anyone get out and swim up? ” Pat stirred uneasily. He was the only one qualified to wear that suit, which was purely for emergency use. “I’m almost sure it’s impossible,” he answered. “I doubt if a man could move against the resistance—and of course he’d be absolutely blind.

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