By R. Balakrishnan, K. Ranganathan

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Graph thought skilled a huge development within the twentieth century. one of many major purposes for this phenomenon is the applicability of graph idea in different disciplines reminiscent of physics, chemistry, psychology, sociology, and theoretical laptop technological know-how. This textbook presents a superior historical past within the easy themes of graph concept, and is meant for a complicated undergraduate or starting graduate direction in graph theory.

This moment variation contains new chapters: one on domination in graphs and the opposite at the spectral houses of graphs, the latter together with a dialogue on graph strength. The bankruptcy on graph colors has been enlarged, masking extra subject matters reminiscent of homomorphisms and hues and the individuality of the Mycielskian as much as isomorphism. This ebook additionally introduces numerous fascinating subject matters reminiscent of Dirac's theorem on k-connected graphs, Harary-Nashwilliam's theorem at the hamiltonicity of line graphs, Toida-McKee's characterization of Eulerian graphs, the Tutte matrix of a graph, Fournier's evidence of Kuratowski's theorem on planar graphs, the evidence of the nonhamiltonicity of the Tutte graph on forty six vertices, and a concrete program of triangulated graphs.

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This article is a self-contained examine of expander graphs, in particular, their specific development. Expander graphs are hugely attached yet sparse, and whereas being of curiosity inside of combinatorics and graph concept, they could even be utilized to desktop technology and engineering. just a wisdom of simple algebra, research and combinatorics is needed as the authors give you the beneficial history from graph thought, quantity concept, team conception and illustration thought.

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Offered in 1962–63 by way of specialists at collage collage, London, those lectures supply a number of views on graph conception. even supposing the outlet chapters shape a coherent physique of graph theoretic options, this quantity isn't a textual content at the topic yet fairly an advent to the vast literature of graph conception.

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Proof. Let G be the path Pn on n vertices. G/ is the path Pn 1 on n 1 vertices. G/ be a path. G/ with at least three vertices. Hence, G must be either a cycle or a path. But G cannot be a cycle, because the line graph of a cycle is again a cycle. 3. H / if G is the graph of Fig. 22. 4. v/ 2 may not be valid if G has a loop. 5 shows. 5. Prove that a simple connected graph G is isomorphic to its line graph if and only if it is a cycle. 6. 2. G2 / are isomorphic. Proof. Let . G2 /: We prove this by showing that  preserves adjacency and nonadjacency.

In this case, v0 v1 is a cut edge. (See Fig. ) Conversely, suppose that e D uv is a cut edge of G: Then the deletion of u results in the deletion of the edge uv: Since G is cubic, G u is disconnected. 2. Find the vertex cuts and edge cuts of the graph of Fig. 2. 3. G/ 3: Then G has a cut edge if and only if G has a cut vertex. 4. Show that in a graph, the number of edges common to a cycle and an edge cut is even. 3 Connectivity and Edge Connectivity We now introduce two parameters of a graph that in a way measure the connectedness of the graph.

Of these, v2 is a cut vertex, and v1 v2 and v4 v6 are both cut edges. 3. 1. If uv is an edge of an edge cut E 0 ; then all the edges having u and v as their ends also belong to E 0 : 2. No loop can belong to an edge cut. 1. 4. If G is connected and E 0 is a set of edges whose deletion results in a disconnected graph, then E 0 contains an edge cut of G: It is clear that if e is a cut edge of a connected graph G; then G e has exactly two components. 5. Since the removal of a parallel edge of a connected graph does not result in a disconnected graph, such an edge cannot be a cut edge of the graph.

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