By Vimuktisena, Haribhadra, Gareth Sparham

ISBN-10: 0895819945

ISBN-13: 9780895819949

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K now ledge of all aspects, reaching as far as the space elem ent, results in the unbroken w elfare of beings, penetration of the reality-lim it, and destruction of the con­ nection of residual im pressions. Hence, because it is a com ­ pilation of bases, antidotes, and aspects it is correct that this O rnam ent is a total teaching about the fully com plete clear realization. But you still have to say what that perfection of w is­ dom is. H ence [M aitreya] says: [The Buddhas] proclaim the Perfection of Wisdom [Sutra] by wav of eight subjects.

In their w ay of thinking you have to see the agentive suffix ana. They are gods who see well because, since they have com pletely clear vision, they see excellently. A ccording to the Bhadanta-tam ra-varnlya, H ighest (akanistha) ("B elow none") gods [31] are so called, because they are junior (kanistha) to none since their lot is a superior one. O thers say they are called Aghanistha ("P ositioned at the end of trouble"), based on the idea that agha ("w h at has not been destroyed, w ickedness, trouble") is indeed w hat gets stored up, and they are at the end (nistha) of it there because they have thoroughly destroyed (ghdta) it.

It says the ever sm aller subdivi­ sions to m ake known that there are m any w isdom s in a sequence. Its being superior in power is w here it says that [their wisdom does not bear] even a fraction. Its being in a superior class is w here it says nor does [their w isdom bear] counting, because it is not counted in the class of Bodhi­ sattva wisdom . Its being superior because of its cause is w here it says nor is [their wisdom] sim ilar (upanisad)," because that wrisdom does not becom e even a cause of it.

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Abhisamayalamkara with Vrtti and Aloka by Vimuktisena, Haribhadra, Gareth Sparham

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