By Robert Gardner

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How do varieties of soil have an effect on germination? How do mild and darkish have an effect on leaves? are you able to inform how previous a tree is? younger scientists will discover constructions, improvement, and existence cycles of crops and interactions of vegetation with their atmosphere. research the solutions to those questions and extra with the joys lifestyles technology experiments during this publication. Following the medical procedure, it is possible for you to to exploit a few of the technology reasonable venture principles to your personal technological know-how reasonable venture.

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Because the two groups were treated exactly alike except for light, increased growth of plants kept in the light would allow you to conclude with confidence that more growth is a result of the one thing that was different: the availability of light. Two other terms that are often used in scientific experiments are dependent and independent variables. The dependent variable here is growth, because it is the one you measure as an outcome. Light is the independent variable; it is the one the experimenter intentionally changes.

The dandelion seeds will detach themselves from their parachutes and develop into seedlings. Observe your seedlings as they grow, and be sure to keep the lint or paper towels moist. Write your observations in your science notebook, noting the time and date and a description of what you see. FIGURE 4: A dandelion plant has airborne seeds. Science Fair Project Ideas Dandelions are common and very adaptable plants. Look at dandelions that you find growing in different places. In a field of uncut grass, the dandelion will have a long stalk.

Science is much more than that. Science is the study of the things that are all around you, every day. No matter where you are or what you are doing, scientific principles are at work. You don’t need special materials or equipment to be a scientist. Materials commonly found in your home, at school, or at a local store will allow you to become a scientist and pursue an area of interest. By making careful observations and asking questions about how things work, you can begin to design experiments to investigate a variety of questions.

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