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Set within the boardrooms, yachts, and waterfront mansions of Australia's such a lot decadent urban, this boisterous thriller investigates corruption and extra within the company global. Jack Beaumont, architect became estate developer, is as shocked because the subsequent individual while he's approached by means of assurance wealthy person Mac Biddulph to turn into the recent CEO of HOA, the most important home-insurer in Australia.

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Kolb DA (1984) Experiential Learning. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. Korthagen FAJ, Wubbels T (1995) Characteristics of reflective practitioners: towards an operationalisation of the concept of reflection. Teachers and Teaching: theory and practice, 1(1), 51–71. *Roberts AE (2002) Advancing practice through continuing professional education: the case for reflection. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 65(5), 2–6. Schon DA (1987) Educating the Refl ective Practitioner. San Francisco: Jossey Bass.

2 In most health professions, there have been gradual but significant changes over the last few decades in the nature of practice-based placements and in the precise role of the practice-based educator. Talk to a sample of senior members of your profession about their experiences as learners in the practice setting. Suggestions for questions you might ask are: • • • • How was your practice placement experience structured? What role did your practice-based educator play? How much support or help did you receive?

Identify terminology and models related to practice-based learning used in your own and other health professions with whom you work and collaborate. 4. Explain the reasons for the growing importance of practice-based learning and practice-based educators in terms of healthcare quality. 5. Discuss existing factors that influence further development of practice-based learning and the practice-based educator’s role. ٗ ٗ ٗ ٗ ٗ ٗ ٗ ٗ ٗ ٗ Think about any personal outcomes that you would like to add to this list and make a note of them.

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