By Michael D. Connors, Wendy A. Hall

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Zamora Lucas and her mother witnessed the same sight, thinking it was a burning aircraft. In fact, all three witnesses were convinced the craft was in distress because they said the object appeared to fall to earth. 98 A report in Oregon at Klamath Falls conveyed an almost identical account. 99 Thursday 3 July By the 3rd, flying saucer reports slowly started to increase in frequency. M. CST Mrs. Fred C. " 100 At dawn in Texarkana, Arkansas, a bus driver and a fireman reported seeing one disc high above them.

Joseph (Missouri) Gazette, 9 July 1947, p. 5. 49 International News Service report, 4 July 1947. 50 Associated Press news story, 29 June 1947. 51 Raleigh, North Carolina, News & Observer, 3, 4 July 1947; and Dallas, Texas, Morning News, 1 July 1947; and Salem, Oregon Statesman, 29 June 1947; and St. Paul, Minnesota, Pioneer Press, 5 July 1947; and Grand Rapids, Michigan, Herald, 6 July 1947; and The (Portland) Oregonian, 29 June 1947; and Cleveland, Ohio, Plain Dealer, 4 July 1947; and Manchester, New Hampshire, Morning Union, 1 July 1947.

One thing that makes them so remarkable is that, if they are fakes or hoaxes, they have been done at tremendous expense utilizing exceptionally specialized skills. Some have even speculated that the most frightening scenario of all would be if the Roswell "evidence" was a fake. If so, who or what group would have the finances and resources at their disposal to produce this kind of disinformation, and why? And contrary to popular belief, no UFO hoax has ever produced a profitable outcome for anyone.

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