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94). With what force will a material particle with a mass of m= 10 g at a distance of 1=80 cm from the centre of the ball be attracted to it if the line connecting the centres of the ball and the space forms an angle a = 60° with the line connecting the centre of the ball and the material particle? 233. A body whose dimensions may be neglected is placed inside a thin homogeneous sphere. Prove that the force of attraction acting from the sphere on the body is zero irrespective of its position in the sphere.

The vessel shown in Fig. 101 is entirely filled with water. What will happen if plug A is removed? 5 cm. 254. Four piston pumps are made of pipe sections with a large and a small diameters. The pumps lifted water to the same height H-kh (Fig. 102). Which of the pistons should be pulled with a greater force to keep it in equilibrium? Disregard the weight of the pistons. 255. A piston weighing G=3 kgf has the form of a circular disk with a radius R = 4 cm. The disk has a hole into which a thin-walled pipe with a radius r = 1 cm is inserted.

If the work is measured in joules, the force in kgf and the distance in centimetres? • Fig. 48 122. In Guericke's experiment two copper hemispheres were tightly fitted to each other to form a hollow sphere from which the air was pumped out. The hemispheres were held so tightly together by the atmospheric pressure that they could be pulled apart only with the aid of horses. How many horses are required to do this if each horse pulled with a force F? The radius of each hemisphere was R and the atmospheric pressure p.

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