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10 is finally resolved when n is so large that it can be considered infinite. 11 are the concentrations of the peaks, it is easy to get the extreme values of the peaks and troughs through which the drug concentration alternates. 2, for four values of the interval of time T between doses expressed in terms of the half-life time θ and for various values of repeated injections n. 3. 3 h to 6 h. 5. fm Page 21 Friday, April 15, 2005 2:37 PM Intravenous Administration 21 The following two results are worth noting.

4. Then, two cases may occur: one with the apparent volume of distribution and the other with the half-life time. 1. 4 help the therapist in selecting the new interval of time T between successive doses. 5, the interval of time is adjusted to the value of the half-life time obtained with this calculation. 5, where the second and subsequent doses are either 20% more or less than the first dose, when the interval of time between two successive doses is equal to the half-life time of the drug. 22) where M is the mass of drug and U the mass of drug administered per unit time.

1. 1, the values of the pharmacokinetics parameters are scattered across a wide range. This fact results from two reasons: • • Different patients behave differently toward a drug. Ill patients and healthy volunteers respond to the drug in different ways. 5 Effect of the nature of the drug on the profile of concentration in the blood as a function of time. 1. 1155/h. 2. 1/ h. 3. 34/h. How patients and volunteers are selected is of great concern, as indicated by the great care taken in clinical trials: • • • Phase 1, with 20 to 80 healthy volunteers Phase 2, taking care of the effectiveness over 100 to 300 patients Phase 3 especially, where effectiveness and the side-effect profile both were evaluated over 1000 to 3000 patients from many locations Nevertheless, if the mean value for the pharmacokinetics parameters is perhaps very well defined, the dispersion may be larger.

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Algebraic Combinations in Mathematical Chemistry: Methods and Algorithms by Klin M., Rucker Ch.

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