By Richard Walker

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Readers embark on a gorgeous voyage via human biology and observe the body’s fine details as they’ve by no means obvious them earlier than. starting with the elemental development blocks, carrying on with to the physique in motion, and concluding with the body’s platforms, this can be a compact and entire examine the sweetness that's the human laptop.

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Science Photo Library: CNRI (br/XY); Dept. Of Clinical Cytogenetics, Addenbrookes Hospital (br); Pasieka (cr). 54-55 Science Photo Library: Pasieka. 55 Corbis: Andrew Brookes (cr). Science Photo Library: David Nicholls (br). 56 Corbis: Randy Faris (tl). Science Photo Library: Scott Camazine (cr). M. Motta & J. Van Blerkom (c); Richard Wehr / Custom Medical Stock Photo (bl). 58 Getty Images: Mike Kemp (cr). Science Photo Library: Pasieka (bl) (c). 59 Corbis: EPA / Waltraud Grubitzsch (tr); Pascal Parrot (tl).

They can detect and distinguish between some 10,000 different colours. ■ Just one sixth of the eyeball is visible from the outside. The rest is protected inside the bony eye socket, with extra protection from the eyelids, eyelashes, and eyebrows. ■ Your eyes are never still. As well as following moving objects, they also make tiny jumping movements called saccades that scan objects in view. 35 Earflap How did I hear what you said? Your ears pick up a vast array of sounds, including speech. The only visible parts of your ears are the flaps on the sides of your head.

This ruthless hunter tracks down invaders by following the chemical trails that they leave behind them. The macrophage then sends out projections that stick to and surround a bacterium, and pulls the germ inside it. Once inside the macrophage, the bacterium is doused in powerful enzymes that digest and kill it. More Facts ■ Protists are single-celled organisms and some of them are germs. Plasmodium, for example, is a protist that causes malaria. Biting mosquitoes spread it from person to person, and it multiplies inside their red blood cells.

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