By John David Mann, Brandon Webb

ISBN-10: 0698195892

ISBN-13: 9780698195899

Now from Brandon Webb, army SEAL sniper and New York Times bestselling writer, comes his own account of the 8 acquaintances and fellow SEALs who made the last word sacrifice.

“Knowing those nice men—who they have been, how they lived, and what they stood for—has replaced my lifestyles. We can’t allow them to be forgotten. So examine those remarkable males, proportion their tales, and study from them as i've got. We’ve mourned their deaths. Let’s have a good time their lives.”—Brandon Webb

As a army SEAL, Brandon Webb rose to the pinnacle of the world’s so much elite sniper corps, experiencing years of punishing education and wrestle missions from the Persian Gulf to Afghanistan. among the finest of the simplest, he led the SEALs’ clandestine sniper education software as direction supervisor, teaching a brand new new release of the world’s most sensible snipers. alongside the best way, Webb served beside, expert, and supported males he got here to grasp not only as fellow warriors, yet as neighbors and, finally, as heroes. Among Heroes supplies his own account of those 8 notable SEALs, who gave serious about their comrades—and their country.

Here are the real tales at the back of the extraordinary valor and abiding humanity of these “sheepdogs” (as they name themselves) who defend us from the wolves of the realm. Of Matt “Axe” Axelson, who perished at the Lone Survivor challenge in Afghanistan. Of Chris Campbell, Heath Robinson, and JT Tumilson, who have been one of the thirty-eight casualties of Extortion 17, the Chinook helicopter shot down in August 2011. Of Glen Doherty, Webb’s ally for greater than a decade, killed whereas supporting safe the winning rescue and extraction of yankee CIA and country division diplomats in Benghazi, Libya, on September eleven, 2012; and different shut pals, classmates, and fellow warriors.

In Among Heroes, Webb bargains 8 intensely own profiles of unusual courage—who those males have been, what they stood for, and the way they got here to make the final word sacrifice. those are males who left at the back of powerfully instructive examples of what it capability to be alive—and what it really skill to be a hero.

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47ȱ ˜›ȱ Š›’–Žȱ žœœ’Š—ȱ ˜ĜŒ’Š•œǰȱ ‘Ž’›ȱ Š›–’Žœȱ Ž›Žȱ ȃ›ŽŒ˜ŸŽ›’—ȱ •˜—Ȭ •˜œȄȱ•Š—œȱŠ—ȱŠȱȃœžěŽ›’—ȱ™Ž˜™•ŽȄȱ›˜–ȱŠ‘˜•’Œ’œ–ǰȱ›˜–ȱ˜•Š—ǰȱŠ—ȱ›˜–ȱ Austria-Hungary. The Ukrainian national movement there was understood Šœȱ Š—ȱ Š›’ęŒ’Š•ȱ Œ›ŽŠ’˜—ȱ ˜ȱ ‘Žȱ Š’ŒŠ—ǰȱ ’Ž——Šǰȱ Š—ȱ ‘Žȱ ˜•ŽœDzȱ ’—œŽŠǰȱ ‘Žȱ “true” Ukrainians were those Galician Russophiles who saw their future in annexation. Žœ™’Žȱ‘ŽœŽȱŠĴ’žŽœǰȱ‘Žȱ˜ŒŒž™Š’˜—ȱœŠ›Žȱ˜žȱ’—ȱŠŒŒ˜›ȱ ’‘ȱŽœŠ‹Ȭ lished international law. Austrian courts were allowed to continue working to enforce Austrian laws, but now in the “name of the Russian emperor,” inœŽŠȱ˜ȱ
Š’œŽ›ȱ›Š—£ȱ ˜œŽǯȱžœ›’Š—ȱ˜ĜŒ’Š•œȂȱœŠ•Š›’Žœȱ Ž›ŽȱŽŸŽ—ȱ˜ȱ‹Žȱ™Š’ȱ out of the Russian treasury.

58 59 Ȳȃ›˜ȱ –Ž–˜›’Šȱ û‹Ž›ȱ ’Žȱ ›Š—’œ’Ž›ž—ȱ Ž›ȱ ”›Š’—Žȱ ’—ȱ –’•’§›’œŒ‘Ž›ǰȱ œ˜£’Š•Ȭ rechtlicher und kirchlicher Hinsicht mit dem Ziel ihrer Loslösung von Russland,” in Ereignisse in der Ukraine, 1: 4–16. THE ENTANGLED EASTERN FRONT 31 much of the Russian military and political elite, Sheptits´kyi was the lynchpin of a vast axis of evil that went from the Vatican in Rome, through the emperor in Vienna to Sheptits´kyi in Lemberg/L´vov. General Brusilov accordingly arrested the metropolitan, together with his entourage, and incarcerated them in the Russian interior in a penal monastery that held heretics and schismatics.

38 Ȳ˜œ‘ Š•ȱ˜—ȱ’ž•ŽŸ’Œ’žœǰȱWar Land on the Eastern Front, 118. ”41 Indeed, Gumz sees the occupation as sharpening the contrast between home front and occupied Ž››’˜›¢ǯȱ–˜—ȱ˜‘Ž›ȱ’–™˜›Š—ȱ’쎛Ž—ŒŽœȱ‹Ž ŽŽ—ȱ Š‹œ‹ž›ȱŠ—ȱ Ž›–Š—ȱ occupation was the army’s “protecting” Serbia from civilian bureaucrats who wanted to plunder it to feed the starving home front. Austria-Hungary was —˜ȱꐑ’—ȱŠȱ Š›ȱ˜ȱŠ——’‘’•Š’˜—ȱ’—ȱŽ›‹’ŠǰȱŠœȱ’ž•ŽŸ’Œ’žœȱŠ›žŽœȱ Ž›–Š—¢ȱ was doing against Russia. ”42 Ultimately, Gumz argues, the Habsburg army was still a largely premodern and anational institution that, for its own reasons, was also doomed to failure against the “modern” forces of nationalism, including German nationalism.

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