By A. B. Basset

ISBN-10: 1418181838

ISBN-13: 9781418181833

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Notice that a 0 and b 0. 1 1 1 1 9 5 9 1 5 For example, the reciprocal of is since ؒ ϭ ϭ 1. indd Page 10 16/08/12 9:25 PM user-f498 /207/MH01613/mes06260_disk1of1/0073406260/mes06260_pagefiles IA— Procedure Dividing Fractions Division of fractions: Let a, b, c, and d represent numbers so that b, c, and d do not equal zero. Then, a c a d Ϭ ϭ ؒ . b d b c Note To perform division involving fractions, multiply the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second. EXAMPLE 7 Divide. Write the answer in lowest terms.

A) 8 5 Ϫ 9 9 b) 14 2 Ϫ 15 15 1 1 1 17) When Elizabeth multiplies 5 ؒ 2 , she gets 10 . 2 3 6 What was her mistake? What is the correct answer? c) 11 13 ϩ 36 36 d) 16 8 11 ϩ ϩ 45 45 45 18) Explain how to multiply mixed numbers. e) 15 3 Ϫ 16 4 f) 1 1 ϩ 8 6 g) 5 2 Ϫ 8 9 h) 23 19 Ϫ 30 90 i) 1 1 2 ϩ ϩ 6 4 3 j) 3 2 4 ϩ ϩ 10 5 15 19) Divide. Write the answer in lowest terms. indd Page 16 17/08/12 7:38 PM user-f498 /207/MH01613/mes06260_disk1of1/0073406260/mes06260_pagefiles IA— 27) Add or subtract. Write the answer in lowest terms.

Therefore, the powers listed here must be memorized in order to be successful in the previously mentioned, as well as other, topics. Throughout this book, it is assumed that students know these powers: Powers to Memorize Write down any patterns you see in the “Powers to Memorize” table. ) 2 Use the Order of Operations We will begin this topic with a problem for the student: [YOU TRY 3] Evaluate 40 Ϫ 24 Ϭ 8 ϩ (5 Ϫ 3)2. What answer did you get? 41? or 6? or 33? Or, did you get another result? Most likely you obtained one of the three answers just given.

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