By Detlef Weigel; Jane Glazebrook

ISBN-10: 0879695722

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It is also difficult to carry out pilot experiments, as the EMS will have lost some potency by the time the pilot experiment is complete and ready to be scaled up. It is better to carry out the full-scale mutagenesis at several different concentrations of EMS, from 0 . 1 % to 0 . 3 % . 2%. One method to assess the efficiency of EMS treatment is to count the number of embryonic-lethal mutations. After plants have set seeds, open a single silique from at least 50 M plants, and count how many segregate at least 1/4 aberrant seeds (most embryonic-lethal mutations cause small, shriveled, often black seeds).

1999). Large collections of T-DNA insertion lines have been generously provided to the Arabidopsis stock centers at Ohio State University and Nottingham by the individuals who constructed them. The stock centers distribute pools of DNA representing these lines. When an investigator OBTAINING MUTANTS * 31 has identified a pool containing an insertion in YFG, subpools can be ordered from the stock center. When the subpool containing the desired insertion has been identified, seed of the population used to make the subpools of DNA can be obtained and used to identify a plant containing the insertion in YFG.

1999. Generation of enhancer trap lines in Arabidopsis and characterization of expression patterns in the inflorescence. Plant J. 1 7 : 6 9 9 - 7 0 7 . H. and Dean C. 1994. Mapping FRI, a locus controlling flowrering time and vernalization response in Arabidopsis thaliana. Mol. Gen. Genet. 242:81-89. L. 1999. Distinct mechanisms promote polarity establishment in carpels oí Arabidopsis. Cell 99: 199-209. , and Moore I. 2000. The DNAbinding activity of GAL4 is inhibited by methylation of the GAE4 binding site in plant chromatin.

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Arabidopsis : a laboratory manual by Detlef Weigel; Jane Glazebrook

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