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By chance of preservation, these more nearly complete or re-constructible examples exist in what were the colonies of the Greek city-states. When the Greeks colonized southern Italy and Sicily they brought their architects and artists and imported their own traditions of art and design. For most constructions they simply used local materials. By contrast, the great temple of Diana at Ephesus, in what is now western Turkey, survived as only the foundation platform; still providing enough evidence for some idea of the appearance of what must have been one of the great buildings of antiquity.

C. E. The Goths migrate to the region north of –c. E. the Black Sea; previous migrations brought them from southern Scandinavia to the area around the Vistula River. E. E. E. E. Cassius of Rome. The fall of the city ends a major commercial center in Babylonia; Mesopotamia becomes a Roman protectorate. E. Pestilence, brought back to Rome by the troops of Lucius Verus who had been campaigning in the east, sweeps the empire. German tribes cross the Danube frontier and penetrate the empire as far as northern Italy.

The Education of the Architect (Vitruvius describes the education required of a Roman architect) . . . . . . . . . The Emperor Augustus Changes the Face of Rome (Seutonius comments on the architectural legacy of Emperor Augustus) . Nero Builds a “Golden House” (Suetonius tells the story of Nero’s luxurious palace). Bathing Establishments on a Grand Scale (ancient commentary on the grandeur of Rome’s public works) . . . . . . . . . 12 . . 18 . . 26 .

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