By Kyoto University, and Barbara Molony, Santa Clara University Edited by Emiko Ochiai

ISBN-10: 1905246374

ISBN-13: 9781905246373

Asia's New moms, via a spotlight on childcare, bargains a comparative nearby research exact in English-language resources of adjusting gender roles in East and Southeast Asia. making an allowance for the ancient and cultural adjustments and similarities one of the societies within the quarter, the authors hire indepth researches of people's daily studies. The examine was once carried out among 2001 and 2003 in six societies in East and Southeast Asia Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. whereas every one makes its personal precise contributions, many of the essays are expert via theoretical focal issues: modernization and gender and globalization and gender.

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There is one more caveat for our analysis of Asia. There is a trend toward focusing on something called “Asian modernity” in comparison with “Western modernity,” a trend which really is another instance of the “localization” and “regionalization” that react against globalization and grow alongside it. But Asia is a region made up of societies with a great variety of traditions and social structures. Asia has never been unified under a single empire, nor is there a common religion to the region.

However, what we found in the study of social networks from the 1980s onward was very different from the 1960s and 1970s (Ochiai 1989a, 1989b Chapter 5, 1993; Yazawa, Kunihiro and Tendo 2003). What is noticeably different from the 1960s studies is the status of the kin network. qxp:Andy Q7 13/8/08 13:57 Page 17 Researching Gender and Childcare in Contemporary Asia 17 tance. The kin network was compressed to include only their own parents (Ochiai 1993: 116). This was not due to a weakening of the relationship between siblings; rather, there were no more than one or two siblings on each side among the cohort who became parents in the 1980s.

From a demographic perspective, the development of a society is strongly affected by the change from a state of high fertility and high mortality to a state of low fertility and low mortality, known as the demographic transition. 5, all six societies have already experienced mortality and fertility transition. Population increase has also nearly stopped. In all six societies, fertility rates are below the replacement level, and, in particular, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan have the lowest fertility rates in the world.

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Asia's New Mothers by Kyoto University, and Barbara Molony, Santa Clara University Edited by Emiko Ochiai

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